Ensuring Tomorrow” focuses on Dominican history, culture and specifically on its natural beauty. You will visit a public school to meet the local children and assist in teaching them some English. Then visit a local family home and sample vanilla, coffee, and chocolate among other local products grown in their organic natural state. You’ll go on a nature walk, spend time on the Anamuya River, and learn about the many natural resources of the Dominican Republic. Enjoy lunch at the Iguana Ranch and offset your carbon footprint by planting a local tree and giving back to the future.

We will begin with a visit to a wonderful local family who make their living harvesting coconut oil. In this stop we learn all about why the coconut is now being referred to as the miracle nut and the many health benefits that coconuts offer.

Then we will visit a Dominican public school. In normal circumstances we would not interrupt classes, but our visit on this day is with a purpose in mind and a brighter future ahead. Learning English (and other useful languages other than native Spanish) is an important factor for any child living so close to a thriving tourist destination. Our “One Word at a Time” program encourages children to learn from our guests useful words and phrases on a regular basis. It takes 10,000 words to be able to speak a language fluently, with this program, the children can learn over 1,000 words per year by learning from and interacting with visitors with purpose on a regular basis.

Our next stop is at a charming and beautiful countryside home and local business where guests will meet the family, see how they live and also see how they make a living from farming cacao (chocolate) and coffee. Guests will be taken on a short nature walk through a beautiful cacao plantation where the process of growing and making chocolate from the seed to the tree and to market is fully explained along with the process of making and harvesting coffee. Freshly roasted coffee and chocolate will be served pretty much straight from the tree.

Next is a short stop where guests get to learn and understand the benefits of reforestation. The guests from each truck will plant one tree either mango, avocado, lemon or guava while the guide explains the many benefits just one tree can bring to our whole ecology. Trees provide food, clean air, shade, dwellings for animals, birds and insects, they help create healthy soil and even their have own micro-climate.

Then allow local artisans to showcase their talents and learn about local arts and artisanal hand rolling cigars and tobacco industry, rock carving, painting, sugar cane industry and Dominican rum at our beautiful and Exclusive Iguana Ranch nestled in the hills of the Oriental Mountain Range with breathtaking views of the whole region.

Next it’s time for lunch We’ll serve up some of our delicious lunch “Dominican Family Style”. We are famous for the “DFC” (Dominican Fried Chicken)! We have a great variety of food to satisfy all tastes. Tasty options for vegetarians are also available.

After lunch it’s time to do that one thing we Dominicans all love to do when we have some spare time, and that’s head for the river. We take you to a beautiful secluded river area that is quite simply out of this world, and better still it’s ours for the day!!! Relax, swim, cool off in the refreshing waters of the Anamuya River, or float on one of the tubes available with a cocktail in your hand. If you are truly looking to connect with nature and find a little bit of “you” time, then this is the place to be.

Location: Dominican Countryside

Capacity: 100 Participants

What to Bring: Comfortable clothing, swimwear, a hat, a towel from the hotel, tennis shoes or sandals with a strap around the ankle, biodegradable sunscreen, a camera, and extra money for gifts and souvenirs. The IRF will also be collecting donated school supplies to be gifted to the local school children. 

Restrictions and Considerations: Due to the sometimes-bumpy terrain, this tour is not suitable for pregnant women or people with back issues.

This year's CSR activity is sponsored by Amstar DMC