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Thursday, June 15

IRF Education Day Breakfast – Sponsored by Maui Visitors Bureau



Education Day Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Jim Kelley - VP of Industry Relations, PRG


State of the IRF 

Janet Traphagen - President, Creative Group Inc. & Chair, The IRF

Melissa Van Dyke - President, The IRF


IRF Insights: 2017 Trends
Join IRF for insights into the important trends impacting the incentives, motivation, and meetings space.

Melissa Van Dyke - President, The IRF

Becoming a Conference Wellness Superstar
Wellness in events takes on many personas.  For some it is about the food, for others it is about exercise, for many it is about the environment of the event.  During this session you will get a practical overview of how to implement a wellness approach into events while walking away with the tools to implement some degree of wellness at your (or your clients) next event.

Dr. Kim Bercovitz - President & Chief Exercise Officer, X bytes


IRF Insights: The Hotelier/Planner Study 
How strong is the Hotelier/Planner relationship, and what are the most important steps we can take to strengthen it? This groundbreaking study looks at both viewpoints and how we move forward as an industry.

Dahlton Bennington -Director, Meetings & Incentives, PROfound Planning


IRF Education Day Morning Coffee Break



Table Discussion: Insights, Wellness, and Hotelier/Planner Study
During this attendee interactive session, those in the room will be asked to discuss and diagnose the morning sessions through facilitated discussion at their tables. The feedback will be compiled and be part of future IRF Webinar(s) and White Paper.

IRF Trustees & Education Committee

11:05am-12:15pm Power Client Panel: Trends, Wellness, Regulations and Disruptions
Lions, Tigers and Bears…OH MY.  With the landscape and framework of events continually shifting due to new trends, regulations and disruptions, how do we know what to do?  The panel of clients will share with us their thought process on how they frame their events to deal with these issues and the impact they are having on their event design.
Todd Zint (Moderator) - Director, Corporate Travel, Meetings & Events, Mutual of Omaha
12:15pm-1:15pm IRF Education Day Lunch

Instant Energy Session/Resistance Bands
Too much to eat at lunch? Before the afternoon education starts, we are going to be moving with some low impact, fun, blood pumping activity 

Dr. Kim Bercovitz - President & Chief Exercise Officer, X bytes


IRF Insights: Disruption Study
Hurricanes. Terrorism. Zika. Although the stories are sensational, how common are the disruptions in meetings and what are the causes?  Most importantly, what are planners and suppliers doing today to mitigate risk?

Rodger Stotz - Chief Research Officer, The IRF


The Invitational Through the Lenses of the A,B,C,D Model
Incentives are rooted in four basic human drives…to acquire, bond, comprehend/create, and defend. This session will walk us through how these principles apply to program design using our IRF Invitational as a living lab for an event rooted in these principles.

Melissa Van Dyke - President, The IRF 

Mark Alt - Senior Vice President of Sales, Maritz


IRF Insights: Neuromarketing & Awards Study
IRF presents the first neuro-biological look at how humans respond to non-cash awards and what makes them more impactful than cash.


Allan Schweyer - Founder & Executive Director, TMLU


IRF Education Day Afternoon Coffee Break


Research: Cradle to Grave
We are passionate about research, so much it is our middle name. But do you really know what makes our research so powerful? After this brief overview by our Research Committee Chair, you will understand a little more about the IRF Research Process and what makes our research so meaningful.

Susan Adams - Sr. Director of Engagement, Next Level Performance, A Dittman Company


IRF Insights: What Top Performing Businesses Do Differently
One the most important studies to date, IRF looks at the top ten things that top performing businesses do differently than all others when designing reward and recognition programs.

Megg Withinton - Managing Partner, Intellective Group


Closing Keynote
Our industry puts a premium on leadership in many forms. Mike Staver will close the day with straightforward practical advice for leading courageously and driving performance in a way that will make you get your organization and the individuals in your organization to be "top performers."

Mike Staver - CEO, The Staver Group


Champagne Toast - Sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines



5 Hours of CMP Credit